Department of Public Works

Why are the water bills so high?  Cottrellville Township receives the majority of its water from Marine City.  Marine City determines the price to be charged.  Marine City's water treatment plant is operating at 30% of capacity and it has to get to 60% before the city will consider price reductions.  There have also been increases in the cost of the chemical's used by the treatment plant.  If you use a lot of water outside, one way to reduce your water bill is to have a second water meter installed.  This way you will not pay for sewage when watering the grass or washing your vehicle.                                                        

Call the Township Hall at: 810-765-4730 for further details.

Cottrellville DPW can be contacted after hours at: 

Chris Hiltunen, DPW Superintendent

Nick Jarskey, DPW Operations Tech

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