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January 1, 2017-December 31, 2017

The Planning Commission is in the process of a Review to update the Cottrellville Township 5 Year Recreation Plan. By updating a 5 Year Plan the Township will be eligible to apply for Grants. We are gathering information from residents and asking for your input. We have listed items we believe could be on the Parks “bucket list”. Please check items you feel are most important.

*Please return Questionnaire to the Cottrellville Township Hall on or before Tues. 10/25/16

Thank you for your input! There will be a Community Meeting Wed. 10/26/16 at the Township Hall at 7:00 pm regarding this 5 Year Recreation Plan

Click here for the printable form

Click here for the online form


Cottrellville Township is making inquiries to the satisfaction of your phone and data service since spring of 2016 when the Verizon Tower was activated.  Please let us know how you are doing.  Our goal is to have Verizon hear your voice and address your service issues.  Please comment your concerns regarding access to 911 Calls using your cell service.  River Road has been the big focus of service issues and members from the Planning Commission have been canvassing house to house.  Please voice your concerns by mid-August.  We have a member of the Planning Commission who is a retired Sprint engineer and has been doing testing.  We plan on using your input, a technical letter with the possible resolutions and a letter from Supervisor Simons with input from our township attorney.

Please follow the link to the Verizon Survey.

Thank you,
Pat Runyon, Chairman
Cottrellville Planning Commission



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