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Cottrellville Township
7008 Marsh Rd, Cottrellville, Mi 48039
Phone: 810-765-4730    Fax:  810-765-2203

Hours: Monday 8am-5pm

Tuesday-Thursday 8am-12pm Friday Closed

Cottrellville DPW can be contacted after hours at:  1-810-650-1921

This website is not intended to, nor shall it post monthly or more frequent updates of public meetings or minutes or public notes of regularly scheduled or non-regularly scheduled meetings of Cottrellville Township. Meeting notices (regular or non-regular), agendas or minutes will be posted at the Cottrellville Township Hall at 7008 Marsh Road, Cottrellville Township, Michigan in an area accessible to the public in accordance with MCL 15.265(7).

Due to some program updates, the next Broadband meeting was changed from Thursday, August 28, 2014 to Thursday, September 25, 2014.

We will be discussing the Connect America Fund and Connect the Nation’s new program ‘Rural Broadband Experiment’. These programs may hold some potential for St. Clair County to address our Action Items from our Action Plan.

Also, members of the County Broadband Committee and St. Clair's IT will be doing fieldwork on Friday, September 5, 2014. They will be doing validation testing of signal strength in Cottrellville Township. This testing will give merit to our long-held belief of locations where signal strength is weak or non-existent.


Cottrellville Township now has two (2) Notary Publics on staff.  Notary services will be available during township business hours and will be provided at no cost.  Should you have need for this service, please contact Clerk Lori Russelburg or Deputy Clerk Helen Hazuka.

From the Desk of Supervisor Lisco:

I would like to remind the residents of Cottrellville Township and those from the surrounding communities that I have an open door policy. I would love to meet with anyone who has suggestions, questions, or concerns regarding Cottrellville Township.  To set up an appointment with me, I can be reached on my cell phone at: 810-335-5116 or by email at:


Cottrellville Township would like to host another Food Give-A-Way.  We are in need of $650 in donations in order to meet our goal of acquiring 14 pallets of food and roughly $200 worth of protein to donate to needy families in Cottrellville Township and our surrounding communities. If you would like to donate, please contact Supervisor Fiscelli at 810-335-5116 or the Cottrellville Township Hall at 810-765-0132. You can also come in during business hours or mail your check payable to Cottrellville Township with a note stating the money is intended for the food drive. Cottrellville Township Hall's address is 7008 Marsh Rd, Cottrellville Township, MI 48039. We are also looking for volunteers to help pass out the food. The tentative dates are either October 1st or October 8th.

Cottrellville Township is in need of two (2) Board of Review members.  Please contact the assessing office if you are interested on becoming a member at:
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